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After you pick a moneylender or bank, they may demand you purchasing a Home Loan Protection Plan (HLPP). They may likewise reveal to you that it’s compulsory.
HLPP is a protection plan that covers any exceptional Home Loan, in case of your demise inside the credit residency. The backup plan pays the exceptional advance to add up to your loan specialist. The arrangement term for this protection is typically the same as the advance residency. Your family won’t need to empty the house because of default on repayment of Home Loan after your end.
A survey by Indian Money review  an HLPP isn’t the same as home or property insurance. Home Insurance covers dangers to property/home because of seismic tremor, fire, burglary et cetera. Home Insurance could be required. In these cases, it will be said in the Home Loan agreement.
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Indian Money Review | Premium payment:
HLPPs are mostly single premium policies. Though you can select from two of their variants, regular premium and limited premium payment plans.
1. Regular premium plans: The term of premium payment is same as policy term.
2. Limited premium payment plans: The term of premium payment is less than the policy term.
A bank may give you an option to club the premium amount with the loan amount.
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