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Who doesn’t love their kids? It’s a stupid question right? Most people will do anything for their children. Why not a simple child education plans? You would have invested money for their education and marriage.
What is a child education plan? A child education plan combines the benefits of investment and insurance to ensure a bright and secure future for kids.  You get the life cover as a lump sum at the end of the policy term. These plans offer flexible payouts at different important milestones of children’s education. You definitely don’t like to speak about death, but you can’t ignore it. In case of death or a serious medical illness, your child’s education is taken care of.
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Financial Planning For Children Education
What is financial planning for children’s education? If you don’t plan for children’s education, you could fall short of money. College fees and fees for vocational and professional courses are quite high these days. MBA and engineering studies are really expensive. The cost of foreign education is sky high. You definitely need financial planning for children’s education.
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