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Right from the day you were born, you had the need to feel secure. You were wrapped tight in the safe arms of your loved ones. They provided for your needs. You grew up to be a young adult, ready to take on the world. You started a family. You became a parent. You made sure that your children got the best education. You built a house. You bought a car. You took the best care of your parents. You made sure your family was secure.
As Per Indian Money Bangalore, Many times you go out of the way to make sure all family needs are met. You’re so involved in meeting immediate needs that you fail to see the big picture. Yes, retirement is the big picture. Needs, wants and demands are unending. So, how long will you postpone retirement planning?
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Investments should beat inflation: Ensure that your investment beats inflation because it eats into the value of your savings. If prices rise expenses rise. You’ll have to spend more to buy the same quantity of goods. Make sure your retirement plan earns real returns (adjusted for inflation).
Complementary: According to CEO Retirement plan should complement existing retirement savings. If your savings are dominated by conservative instruments like FD, debt instruments and others. The retirement plan should have more exposure to higher risk instruments like equities.
Only Provident Fund is not enough: Contributing to provident fund (EPF and PPF) alone is not enough to guarantee a great retirement life. Only Provident Fund can’t beat inflation. As we discussed, a retirement portfolio should have investments spread over various assets.


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