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Car insurance protects you from a financial loss arising out of damage or theft of the car. As per Indian Money review, car insurance also covers for damage caused by a third party and is compulsory in India. Car insurance protects you and the car from financial liabilities, complaints, and legal liabilities which include damage to the vehicle in a collision, hospitalization for injuries, and injury/damage to a third party.
Types of Car Insurance
Third party liability covers you for damage and injury caused to a third party (unrelated party).  This is both vehicle and property damage. According to reviews, third party liability is compulsory in India.
You can also opt for collision coverage where protection is given to your car. Coverage is for damage caused in a collision usually in an accident. However, as per Indian Money Bangalore, theft is not covered in collision coverage. Comprehensive car insurance includes own damage cover where you are compensated for damage to the car and bodily injury caused in an accident.
It is a comprehensive plan which covers damage to car, theft of the vehicle, a personal accident cover to protect you/driver and third party legal liability.Want to know more on Car Insurance? We at IndianMoney review will make it easy for you. Just give us a missed call on 022 6181 6111 to explore our unique Free Advisory Service. Please note that is not a seller of any financial products.
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Compare Car Insurance Online
Indian Money Review Bangalore advises a comparison of car insurance plans online as you save money and also enjoy higher coverage without having any complaints.
You can save around 45-50% on car insurance plans and also get riders like engine protector, zero depreciation cover and others based on needs.
While buying car insurance online make sure to get comprehensive coverage for accidents, theft, fire, explosions, riots, lightning, and acts of terror, personal accident cover and natural calamities.
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