Review Your Insurance Plans with IndianMoney

Why do you need insurance planning? Is it necessary to have insurance? When to review insurance plans? Let us find all the answers in following sections.
So why insurance planning?
  1. As per Indian Money review, an accident plan protects your income in case of permanent disability.
  2. A life insurance plan meets living expenses of nominees in case of premature death.
  3. Guarantees income for life with retirement plans.
  4. Protects the location and equipment of the business with business insurance.
  5. According to, you can protect home structure and contents with a home insurance plan.
  6. Protects car or two-wheeler in case of damage in accidents or theft with car or two-wheeler insurance.
  7. Helps meet costly hospitalization expenses with health insurance so that you have no complaints.
Review Your Insurance Plans with IndianMoney Bangalore
IndianMoney dot com advises you to review insurance with change in financial profile and life situations.
1.       As per reviews, if assets have increased (you have a new car or house) avail more insurance. Life insurance helps in wealth transfer. You need life insurance across working life. You don’t need life insurance after 60 as you have net worth to tide over most crises.
2.       IndianMoney advises a health insurance plan even if you are covered under a company group insurance plan.
3.       An increase in liabilities means more life insurance. Increase coverage under term life insurance if you have liabilities like a home loan.
4.       If income/salary has increased, review life and health insurance needs. The sum assured must be in tune with current net worth.
5.       Getting married means more life and health insurance. You have to avail joint life cover or purchase individual life insurance plans. Avail a family floater health insurance plan after getting married. After children further increase life insurance coverage. If spouse is not earning, it’s best to double life insurance coverage.


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